High Tech Health Discount Code Pricing

DIY Sauna Course

My High Tech Health sauna discount code pricing is: “matt-justice-500” for anywhere from $300 – $800 dollars off the regular price if they’re running a super sale.

Don’t kill the messenger if the pricing is different when you call in compared to what I say in a video that is over a year old please. 😉

Many folks have asked recently if I have pricing info for a lot of the sauna companies, High Tech Health included. The last time I tried to get it right, I failed miserably. Sometimes certain companies offer free shipping, sometimes they have an extended discount like High Tech Health does… for example, super sale time is $300 dollars off with the discount code, plus an additional $500 off during the super sale.

Generally this is only one or two times per year, and I have no control over when they do or don’t offer it. Most High Tech Health saunas cost between $4,900.00 for something like the Transend TR-1 for instance, to $5,300.00 for a Trancend TR-2. I paid a hundred or two less than that I believe when I bought mine. Sauna pricing changes from time to time, and shipping costs will not be the same if you’re in a rural place like Alaska for instance, compared to North Carolina for example.

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