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This page will be a work in progress as we get the portable sauna review videos edited and uploaded.

Over the last year, folks have asked why there are no portable infrared saunas on the Certified Sauna List. Fact is, none of them qualify.

Every single portable sauna on the market, has some level of EMF, VOC, etc…

Some are better than others, and we’ve taken all the requests from you guys and compiled a rating scale for them. (so you can decide which one is right for you, based on what’s important to you in a sauna)

Not everyone is in their forever home, and doesn’t want to move a giant sauna around. And for others, disposable income to purchase expensive saunas is out of reach right now with everything going on.

Over the last year, we’ve found a portable sauna solution for everyone, no matter which camp you’re in.

We even released the DIY portable sauna for folks who can’t afford the larger sizes.

Over the next few months, this page will be updated with a personalized review of each portable sauna model, along with pros and cons of each.

Even though the video’s aren’t ready yet, I want to give you something to use for cliff notes you can use today.

As it stands right now, the top 3 are:

  • Relax
  • Therasage
  • Synergy

Click here to read in depth portable sauna EMF comparisons and reviews.

The Relax is by far the hottest of all the portable saunas on the market, but it’s also the most expensive.

The Therasage is interesting with the red lights added, but is definitely not within the therapeutic output range for qualified PBMT therapy. (it’s basically a step up from chromotherapy, doesn’t appear to be worth the money unless a couple hundo isn’t a big deal… then get it anyway)

The Synergy feels almost identical to the Therasage, same price point as the regular Therasage without the addon lights.

EMF and VOC is present in all. Some are better than others on electric fields, others have lower magnetic fields, which is hard to explain but easy to see in the review videos.

Most VOC dissipates after initial unboxing and off gassing, though a slight odor is still present in some after 6 months of use.

I want to be clear: no portable sauna is perfect, which is why I don’t add them to the certified sauna list.

That said, every single one of them works well, gives you a detoxing sweat, and is adequate for home use.

We’re getting super nit picky by breaking them down by every detail, but this is what you guys and the community asked for.

The portable sauna blankets are not a favorite of mine. For one thing, I can’t stand laying in a pool of my own sweat, and then cleaning it up after. But more importantly, they don’t seem to deliver as much of a sweat as these portable tent saunas do.

The steams saunas tested, have hardly any EMF that hit’s the body, but every single one had horrible VOC’s because the tent material needs to be rubberized in order to hold in the steam. (I’m guessing?)

Maybe there are a few more on the market we should grab and throw into the mix, but I wasn’t able to find any that used different materials except overseas.

Use the search box to find individual reviews and coupon codes for discounts on portable saunas.

Use the comment section at the bottom of this page to ask a question about one of these portable saunas, request a model to test, anything pertaining to portable saunas, etc…

To be continued….

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      • It just arrived, not sure what to think. I like the idea of it… it’s exactly like my DIY sauna frame, but we’re having some trouble with the odor.

        I’m seeing if we can air it out and make it work, but as of right now the smell is so strong it’s giving a headache. (the heaters are zipped up in a plastic mesh, assessing whether this is long term issue or not)

  1. Hi, could you please review saunaspace? It seems like a cool sauna but I’m wondering if it’s effective. Thanks for all you do!!


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