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There is a new Therasage discount code for this year for all subscribers who are interested in purchasing a Thera 360 portable sauna.

Discount link:

Discount code: justice (all lower case) for an additional 10% off for all subscribers.

To use the discount code, simply apply coupon code justice at checkout for an additional 10% off for all subscribers.

I have been using the Thera360 PLUS with the red light in it for the past few sessions. The final review will be out shortly, but the Therasage has been giving me a great sweat when doing the portable sauna testing over the last few weeks. It is one of the top performers in it’s class.

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  1. I’m looking for a portable sauna that my son can use. He is physically challenged as a quadriplegic but would like to experience the benefits of Infrared sauna. One challenge is what to sit in while in the sauna? Using a Hoyer lift (like a small crane) to lift him and put him inside, a folding chair or stool isn’t going to work. Has someone created nontoxic wooden seating that supports the back, head on a tilt for someone who can’t support their own body weight while in the sauna? What kind of wood would be suitable to construct such a seat for a sauna? Any ideas or avenues you can suggest will be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Patricia,

      I’ve been working on a ADA wheel in DIY portable sauna for he last couple months in my spare time. With some more details, a portable zip up tent may not be the best idea because the opening is tight. It isn’t done yet, but check this out and imagine a MUCH large version where two people can walk inside at full standing height, and has room for a transfer bench…

      I may even have an extra large one lying around if you have the space for it (6′ wide x 6′ long x 7′ high), if you’d like I can send it to you to try out and see if it works for you.


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