The 3 Best Infrared Saunas For 2021

All Certified Saunas meet or exceed the stringent low emf threshold I set a couple years back.  Live video verification is available for each sauna brand that passed the testing.  The common misconception marketed to the public, is that EMF is only one thing.  It is not.  All saunas are tested for magnetic fields, electric fields, and body voltage.

Use the resources at the bottom of the page, to see which saunas to avoid.  Special Note – many people ask me about the best rated saunas by Consumer Reports: CR does not review saunas in any capacity.  Any advertisement you see online about the “top rated infrared saunas by Consumer Reports” is a fake scam advertisement.  I wrote an article on it here.

Radiant Health

This is the #1 recommended home sauna for anyone looking for the lowest possible emf, family safe, and easy to assemble.


  • zero RF radiation
  • easiest sauna to put together
  • tile floor
  • bench heater
  • best value on the market


  • no in house financing

Price range:  $3,300 – $6,100


Discount code: “matt-justice-500”

My direct contact:  Randy Gomm

Direct phone number:  1-888-291-6544

Clearlight Premier

This is the runner up for the lowest emf sauna of the year. In house financing available. Also available in other countries.


  • financing available
  • available in UK, NZ, AU
  • good value
  • offers true outdoor weatherproof models


  • full spectrum up-sell

Price range: $4,099 – $8,399


Discount code: “matt-justice-500”

Direct contact:

Direct phone number: (800) 317-5070

High Tech Health

If you’re looking for a ceramic sauna, this is the lowest emf ceramic sauna out there, without the high magnetic fields most have.


  • large cabinet size
  • Poplar available
  • low magnetic fields (almost every ceramic sauna on the market has magnetic fields, except this one)


  • harder to assemble
  • most expensive

Price range: $4,000 – $7,000

More Info:

Discount code: “matt-justice-500”

My direct contact: Tess Harris

Direct phone number: (720) 815-2670

Tired Of Every Sauna Company Saying Their Sauna Is The “Best”?

I have a collection of sauna reviews on my main blog you can check out, so you can avoid buying in to clever scams from sauna salesman. You can find all the old infrared sauna reviews here on Clever Leverage, and a huge YouTube Playlist with tons of questions answered.

Frequently asked questions have also been answered in written format, typically with a video attached: Example – Near Infrared VS Far Infrared: Which Is Better?

To purchase a sauna, you can find all the discount codes and direct phone numbers to my contacts here.

Additional Resources:

Older resources from years past:

The 2019 Sauna Of The YEAR Info:

The Written Review

The Video Review

The Discount Codes

This site is a side project and is still a work in progress. However, all the sauna testing is done, and you can use the links below to find the YouTube videos for each brand, the discount codes to save money on your sauna, and the old blog posts from saunas I bought that you should avoid.

**Buyer Beware – be sure not to confuse some of the brands that tested the best, with imitation knock-offs with similar names.

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If you do not have money for a large wooden infrared sauna, and still need the benefits of a portable sauna’s heat therapy in your home immediately, take a look at the diy sauna guide.