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You may or may not know who I am, or why this website exists.  My name is Matt Justice, and I’m a professional blogger who found himself in the chair of a functional medicine doctor’s office in Orlando, FL in mid 2017.

I had a host of health problems, and had just had my last amalgam filling removed… and really had no idea what heavy metal toxicity was, or how to purge the body of heavy metals. (nor did I even know we all need to!)

I was as green as they come, and barely knew what an infrared sauna was at the time… but this would quickly change, as the Doc said the #1 thing I could do for my health, was “get in an infrared sauna like yesterday!”

How It All Began

If you’re anything like me, and have ever tried to call sauna companies before to get some information and pricing to see if you can even get one of these things, then you know that all hell breaks loose once you go down this rabbit hole.

It’s a several thousand dollar investment, and the sauna sales people will tell you anything to buy their sauna. The sauna industry itself is still unregulated by the FTC, so sauna companies are making claims left and right and no one is doing a damn thing about it. (especially in regards to lying about EMF)

To make matters worse, every damn sauna company you call says their sauna is the best, theirs has the highest emmisivity of any sauna on the market, you need their full spectrum sauna for a complete detox, they are the ONLY ones that have safe chemical free wood, flat out lying about far infrared vs near infrared, and on and on…. I’ve heard it all.

I would then go on to decide to buy a cheaper sauna from Costco, first because I couldn’t stand not being able to trust these sauna industry claims, and second because I figured I could get something for half the price and it would still be pretty good.

I found a low emf sauna from Costco, and had it shipped to my house and started unboxing the pallet. Build quality seemed good, but it was still a decent amount of work to assemble.

Thankfully, I already have two emf meters at the time, even though my EMF knowledge was severely lacking back then. I fired up the sauna, and low and behold, it had 100 milliguass magnetic fields right next to my shoulder!!

Now I was no expert at the time, but I knew this was far FAR beyond what a safe level should be in a healing sanctuary, and would proceed to flip out and begin to investigate why large companies like Costco and Amazon were allowing sauna companies to place false advertisements in their stores.

Turns out, no one really polices any of this stuff, and it isn’t physically possible for Costco to police every sauna model that comes through the door.

Heck, even some naturopathic doctors are recommending saunas that they think are safe, but little do they know one model from the same sauna company, will test differently than another model from the exact same company!

So this process escalated, and I would go on to buy several more saunas from Amazon and other retailers. Each time, I would make sure it was a “low emf” and even in one case I bought a “no emf” far infrared sauna… which turned out to be a lie, and I would later learn there is no such thing as no emf.

Long story short, I kept buying saunas, setting them up in my home, and then testing them myself. Much to my dismay, each and every time, the sauna was never what the company claimed it to be.  I said to myself, this is completely ridiculous… someone needs to do something about this.

Well, it turns out, that someone, is me.

I had the means, I had the platform, and I had the marketing experience… it would be very easy for me to document these saunas I was buying that turned out to be garbage, so I could at least save someone else from buying the same falsely marketed piece of equipment… wasting time, money, and frustration setting it up. Or worse, having an unsafe sauna in their home, that perhaps a sick family member would be using to attempt to heal from a disease… when in fact, the exact thing that’s supposed to be helping them, could be harmful instead.

I would then go on to advance my EMF knowledge, invest a couple thousand dollars in EMF meters, hire building biologists to do home assessments to learn hands on, which really equipped me to help myself better, truly know and be able to test whether a sauna is safe or not, and ultimately be able to transfer this knowledge to others through my blog… and be able to help other people make informed decisions, before dropping $5k on a pile of crap that isn’t really safe for their family.

**Full Disclosure – I will develop financial relationships with sauna companies listed on my site whenever I can.  I’ve got to make something from my efforts, in order to buy more health equipment and keep the wheels turning. But I will never trade people over profit, and ever single recommendation I make, will be backed up with a live video supporting any claims.

I do not, will not, and will NEVER introduce or pawn you off to a third-party testing company to verify any claims made about emf. 9 times out of 10, these testing reports are fraudulent in my opinion, because sauna companies take the heaters out of the sauna and send them off to a lab. This is terrible, and a sauna should always be tested in it’s native environment, just like our bodies will be when we use it.

Please see my testing procedure, to learn how I cover everything from A to Z, and make absolutely SURE that a sauna is safe before it is recommended.

**Note – Every single sauna I recommend, I have personally used, tested with my own emf equipment, and there is video verification of each and every one. Please, please, please, do not fall for these false claims made by sauna companies with cheap emf meters, only testing with one single emf meter, only using a Trifield meter (highly inaccurate!), and not showing you the full picture.

Many people are in the same position I was in, investing thousands of dollars in a sauna, only to find out they’ve been mislead. Just by using this website, you should be in a much better position to make informed purchase decisions.

Other common scam tactics to watch out for:

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