True Infrared Sauna EMF Testing

Safety For Our Families – The #1 Thing We Care About

After buying several saunas, and all of them being junk, it got to the point where I didn’t trust anyone in the sauna industry anymore. With so many shady sauna companies, sauna salespeople that have been mislead themselves, and every sauna company you call telling you their sauna is the best, where in the heck does that leave us?

I decided to do something about it, and that something is the most comprehensive sauna emf testing procedure on the planet.

Looking For A Low EMF Sauna?  It’s Not Guaranteed Safe, Unless It’s A Certified Sauna!

The goal of, is to provide an honest comprehensive list of safe, low emf, reliable saunas that anyone can buy, that you KNOW FOR CERTAIN, is safe for your family.

Many are healing from illnesses, trying to improve their children’s health, or are sick themselves. The last thing you want to do is bring in a toxic heat box to make matters worse.

At the end of the day, a sauna will either pass the test and be certified or not. This will finally level the playing field for consumers, and no longer will you have to sit on the phone for an hour with a sauna salesperson wondering if they are full of it or not.

You can simply visit, read the review, check how the sauna tested out, watch the live video for verification, and never have to question if you’re spending $5k on a hunk of junk ever again.

Lord knows I’ve been duped numerous times by this industry, don’t you think it’s about time a standard is set to protect us all from wasting time and money on the lies?

Real Infrared Sauna EMF Levels – Not What You’ve Been Told

Most people explain EMF levels in saunas like it’s a one size fits all approach… when this is never the case. Almost every sauna company on the face of the earth, is only showing you the magnetic fields measured in their sauna. When in fact, you should be aware of the 4 types of emf that can present in ANY sauna.

The 4 Types Of EMF That Be In Any Sauna

Magnetic Fields – Milliguass Levels

Electric Fields – Volts/Meter Levels

RF Radiation – V/M – W/M2 Levels

Body Voltage – Millivolt Levels

EMF Meters – The Bait And Switch

Some sauna companies use an emf meter in live video to show you how low their “emf” is, but you should know for your own piece of mind, there is no single EMF meter that can measure all types of emf in your sauna.

Some people like to say that something like a Trifield Meter, will show you everything you need to know. But the fact is, it’s wildly inaccurate at detecting certain things, and should not be relied upon for a $5k purchase decision, or potentially putting your family’s health at risk long term.

The Certified Sauna Way

We test for everything in each and every sauna that comes through the door. You can see on the Submit Your Sauna page, that every sauna company on the planet is welcome to have their sauna tested by Certified Saunas… free of charge. As you can imagine, many sauna companies will not want to participate in getting their sauna certified, and will have all sorts of rebuttals in regards to the testing… including: there is no conclusive testing that shows magnetic fields are harmful, rf radiation doesn’t impact children with autism, body voltage doesn’t matter, and on and on…

When in fact, we know deep down, it does matter.

The only reason a company wouldn’t want to participate in this for their brand, is if they already know their product wouldn’t pass the test. Otherwise, it’s free marketing…

With 7 professional grade EMF meters at the testing facility, everything from A to Z is available in each sauna review.

Every sauna will be tested for:

  • Magnetic Fields
  • Electric Fields
  • RF Radiation
  • Body Voltage

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