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There are a lot of recommended resources Matt has come across over the years of doing sauna detox protocols, functional medicine, and consulting on health improvement. I’m going to get him to add his two cents blurbs for each product where we can, or ask him on the livestreams and then summarize below.

These are the products he’s talking about during the Q/A’s from the Facebook Group livestreams:

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Matt also has an Amazon Influencer page here that he tags things on from time to time you might find helpful.

Why The Saunas?

Why do you recommend infrared saunas so much, and brand specific you recommend Radiant Health a lot?

From Matt: yes because infrared saunas changed my life. When I was seeing a functional medicine doctor after amalgam removal issues, it really helped me detox, reduced brain fog, relax my nervous system, improved my sleep, etc… You can research all the health benefits of just using a sauna a few times per week, it’s amazing.

As for the Radiant Health Saunas specifically, they’re just rock solid for everyone, including me. They don’t break, easiest saunas to assemble, true low EMF (even electric fields) & low VOC, and they wrap the body in heat from entire underside. I don’t mention this all the time, because without visual reference it doesn’t make any sense and it’s hard to understand the difference. Here’s a quick FLIR example:

Another Sauna Brand No Seat Heater
Radiant Health E-1H Bench Heater Turned On
A Little More Clear In A Larger EC-3H Model Here

For full resolution pictures of each Radiant Health model when viewing their website, use a computer… they don’t expand well on tablet or phone. You can also check out this video to have a look at a bunch of saunas at once in my office.

You can find the authentic Radiant Health Saunas here at Use discount code “matt-justice-500” for $500 off your sauna. The Home Depot & Amazon “Radiant” brands are not the same.

When I test saunas, one of the things we look for is not only far infrared coverage, but heat up time and far infrared penetration.

How much radiant heat can we wrap the body with, as to increase core temperature in a reasonable amount of time, and get the user a better heat therapy session in less time?

The Radiant Health Saunas do a good job of this with their layout, and aren’t expensive to run. They have two person models that run on regular household outlet, without upgrading the electrical, and outperform some more expensive brands that require 240 volt service in both heat up time, and body performance.

A lot of those saunas take an hour to heat up, but not these. Friends and family don’t get a choice anymore, this is what they buy. Mom’s E-1H works amazingly well for the tiny package it is. Will fit in any apartment, run on regular outlet, heats super fast, great detox, low EMF, low VOC.

Sauna Detox Binders

Why use detox binders around your sauna sessions?

From Matt: if you have no health challenges or don’t feel ill from sauna sessions, probably not needed except for maintenance detox programs. However, if you experience any kind of ill effects, or what some “functional medicine” docs call herxheimer reactions, this is not ideal. An intestinal sweep (aka: detox binder) is simply assisting what the body already does, and helping to “bind up” and excrete the bad stuff… that’s the easiest way to understand it. You know how a sponge will absorb water again after you squeeze it out? This is what we’re trying to aid inside you, and it works very well. Charcoals, Bentonite clays, Zeolites, and more have an affinity for different things. I like the more basic ones. If bowel tolerance is an issue one way or the other, you either back off, or can induce bowel movement easily by taking magnesium past bowel tolerance.

I’ll list the ones I use myself in preferential order below:

  • Activated Charcoal
  • Bentonite Clay Blend
  • Zeolite
  • Chlorella (I stopped using this, poor binding capability, good vitamin?)
  • MCP
  • Silica

Most of these are in this list here, though Amazon keeps messing with the price and links. I’ll find other sources and individually add them here.


Here’s what I take currently for electrolytes and mineral replenishment.

>> Buy It Here

Why do you need to take electrolytes if you’re doing a lot of sauna?

From Matt: because it can dehydrate you, plus you don’t want to always just drink water. You need to replenish minerals, electrolytes, and some vitamins lost during profuse sweating. Not everyone needs this every single day, you wouldn’t know for sure without labs to check. But as a general rule, I take electrolytes and minerals several times per week. Also depends on what my diet has been like, as well as lifestyle.

One thing that most functional medicine doctors, influencers, youtubers, etc… don’t mention often enough (and instead just peddle you a bunch of supplements for no reason) is lifestyle phases. I had to learn this the hard way for myself, but the best person to ever summarize this for me has been Dr. AGB. “You take XYZ supplemental for a period of X, based on lab assessment to warrant initial need, and then you STOP.” No one ever told me to stop a series of supplements before in such an abrupt manner, but once I understood how a compound that has the ability to bring you back into balance, also has the potential to take you out of balance. “It has the potential to heal, also has the potential to harm.” – AGB

Why am I mentioning this? Because no one is talking about lifestyle phases that we go through. Stressors. Phases of life. Beliefs. Events. For instance, when I was going to the hospital 5 days a week for 8 months after a 34 day stay in, my nutritional, mental, emotional, and physical needs were DRASTICALLY different than they are right now. Now knock that down a bit to something normalized, the job, the family, your kids, your relationship, your purpose, your own mind/how you see the world/beliefs, can easily go through phases where you need different levels of support. And then you don’t. Same thing is true for supplements, just like Dr. AGB mentioned from lab assessment and quantification.

For example, if I’ve been traveling or not eating my normal diet, I could not be getting the right balance or electrolytes or minerals for a bit. When I come home, I’ll load up pretty much every session. Headaches, feeling nauseous from sauna sessions, etc… is usually dehydration, perhaps toxins like mentioned above, which binders can help with (ah, important note: ideally take binders and electrolytes an hour or more apart… no need to gobble up the good stuff). My rule of thumb is electrolytes before sauna session, binders after. Or some people like to sauna in the morning instead of at night, switch it around. Most people are way to worried about getting this EXACTLY right to the point they’re stressed about it. Don’t do this. Relax. These are not forced chelators, you’re not going to have terrible reactions from using these around your sauna sessions like you would with DMPS, ALA, EDTA, etc… (important to note – I do not recommended using those chelation protocols without proper consultation, labs, and supervision. Usually they’re done WAY too soon also. If your body is spent, and you’re in what I call a “holding phase” forcing it to synthetically detox usually results in worse homeostasis. Not wise.)


What minerals are lost through sweat, or why are you not getting enough through food anyway without considering sauna sessions?

From Matt: again not everyone needs this all the time, but as a general rule, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium ratios can become unbalanced depending on diet, how much sauna, exercise, etc… Balanced diet usually takes care of most of this, varies a bit from person to person. I like to supplement with these, but also automatically add minerals to my water with this inline remineralizer after my water filtration system. On top of that, I use these drops in my water once a day, or a few times per week. I don’t go crazy with it, just consistently get it in every week here and there. Again, no stress. Simple. Consistent. Typically leads to good results. Mindset and beliefs too, I’ll add a section about that down below… super important.

Red Light Therapy Panels For Photobiomodulation?

Can’t you just use the colored chromotherapy lights in the ceiling of your sauna, or buy a full spectrum sauna to get red light therapy?

From Matt: no, the chromotherapy lights in saunas don’t have anywhere close to the amount of output you need to get the research backed PBMT benefits. There’s a reason red light therpay body panels have their own power supply, heatsinks, cooling fans, etc… They have far more output than any chromotherapy light or full spectrum sauna. Note: a lot of sauna companies are not being truthful about their full spectrum. Example: Clearlight Sanctuary “full spectrum” heaters don’t produce much red light below 1k nanometers. Sunlighten M Pulse has red LED panels behind the grills of the sauna, blocking some of the light, also running on a cycled mode. You’re not getting true PBMT with the maximum benefit in these settings, so I don’t want anyone to think they’re getting the benefits using this equipment… when you’d really be missing out.

And for the record, red light therapy, and near infrared below 1k nm, is not contributing to your sweat in an infrared sauna. Far infrared is (3k-5k-10k nm).

Use This To Add Red Light Therapy To Any Sauna

You can add the GembaRed Reboot Hydra to any sauna pretty easily. It doesn’t have fans, so it’s completely silent, and is designed for in sauna use. It’s not quite as bright as the Overclocked panel, but for true red light therapy in your sauna, this works very well. You can use the stand that comes with it, mount it to the sidewall or front door, or even the ceiling if you choose.

Unlike most of the full spectrum saunas that are missing the 600nm and 800nm ranges, this panel gives just enough PBMT (photobiomodulation) while keeping the package fairly small and light.

You do have to plug it in to an outlet, just it can easily be routed through the roof, out the glass door at the bottom, etc…

>> Click Here To See The GembaRed Reboot Hydra Body-Light LED Panel

Use coupon code justice at checkout for a discount on any red light therapy panel if you decide it’s right for you.

The PubMed studies and the NASA research on Low Level Laser Therapy wavelengths that all these sauna companies are using to market their products are missing from the sauna heaters. Point being, I can tell you what I do for myself in my own house after testing all these things:

I use a Radiant Health far infrared sauna, and this red light therapy panel while my sauna is heating up when my skin is clean and dry, and body temp is normal. To get maximum absorption from your red light therapy, it’s best not to be covered in a thick layer of sweat every single time.

GembaRed .

After I got out of the hospital, I used these GembaRed panels for the neuropathy in my feet before my sauna sessions. It wasn’t possible to get the intensity or spot treatment I wanted for the pain while in the sauna, so I propped them against the wall and a chair to saturate the feet.
I also avoid red light therapy devices like this one with the plastic housing. The entire thing is plastic from top to bottom, so they are ungrounded, and electric fields pass right through them. Decent amount of EMF at desired usage distances too.
These GembaRed units test excellent for EMF’s
I also like the output range compared to some other brands

Whole Body Vibration (My Vibe Plates)

I use a vibration plate before or after my sauna sessions to move lymph. This is especially helpful to keep the lymphatics moving if you’re doing a detox protocol with sauna.

In addition to that, it helps with blood flow and stretching if you can’t go for a walk or do your normal sauna session warm up before you get in. I’ll add a second picture below (I’m using the DIY Sauna in this instance, usually a wooden sauna) showing how I combine red light therapy while I use the vibe plate, while the sauna is preheating before my sweat session. My skin is still clean and dry, and my body temperature low, so I’m getting maximum photobiomodulation, and I’m stacking therapies and not wasting any time.

The model I’ve used for the past 4-5 years is a Power 1000. You can see it here. Use discount code Matt10 at checkout if you decide it’s right for you.

Why I like it? It’s a single motor for one, meaning some vibration plates have dual motors or several, and if any of them get out of sync, your left and right balancing profile can be affected. Probably over cautious about that nuance, but I like the idea of a single motor causing oscillation of the platform. That way when I use the remote to adjust the frequency, everything is identical on the left and right. I also like to do stretching on this machine, makes a difference for me.

Traditional Sauna VS Infrared Sauna?

The first saunas I used in my life were traditional hot rock saunas and an actual sweat lodge teepee in the woods. The very first infrared sauna I used was a Sunlighten M Pulse that I was paying to use at a local float tank place in Orlando, FL. I was seeing a functional medicine doctor, lived in a small apartment at the time, and she insisted I use sauna based on my heavy metals and mineral testing. I didn’t have space to place one in my apartment (or so I thought at the time, I didn’t know about solutions that would’ve worked back then) so I rented sessions.

Fast forward to having tested all types of saunas, brands, styles, etc… I still go back to infrared. Why? Simple: you can elicit detox assistance at a temperature of your choosing, and control the duration. You’re also not just relying on convection (heated air) only to affect your core temp. Using radiant heat to heat the tissues, isn’t dependent on the air temperature around you. You can do some really effective detox protocols with that.

However, if you’re dead set on using a sauna above 170-200F because you don’t think the body can make heat shock proteins without being surrounded by super hot air (<<< see what I did there? Yes, there are other things that cause hyperthermia and increase your core temp other than air), then I’ll show you how to make any infrared sauna 200F for about $200.

How To Make Any Infrared Sauna 200F Degrees For $200 Bucks

I’ve demonstrated many versions of making a hybrid sauna in the FB Group, but here are the cliff notes and parts.

Traditional Sauna Heater:

I used a 120v traditional sauna heater, so I wouldn’t have to run 220 just to add this. The larger heaters would probably drive me out of a small sauna, but mentioning it in case that’s what you want.

I paid around $140 for the heater, Amazon seems to be changing the price and going in and out of stock regularly. But you could take the specs and look elsewhere for a similar model.

I spent another $20 on some 12ga wire at Home Depot, and bought a cheap air thermometer, also made a wooden stand to mount the heater to so I could test it in several sauna sizes and models easily. It also protects the heater from melting anything in smaller saunas.

Additional Infrared Heater:

I saw another YouTuber doing this and never considered adding an infrared patio heater to an existing infrared heater… even though the front heaters in a Clearlight Sanctuary or similar are literally quartz halogen infrared patio heaters. So I tried it, and it drastically reduces the preheat time in cold environments, because it’s basically like instant on heat. So if you place your sauna in a cold basement, unheated garage, etc… this is a great way to keep in useable during winter months instead of having to heat the space. Every infrared sauna suffers in cold temps, and traditional take a while to heat up, so this is a good middle for the road solution for that.

Caveat to adding the additional infrared heater: You’re going to want to run it on max setting most likely for cold basements and garages. It’s easy to mount to the ceiling of your sauna with the supplied bracket, but running on max it draws 1,500 watts. If you run this on a 15 amp breaker along with your sauna on the same circuit, that’s not enough power… it’ll trip. So you need another circuit, or if you’re running electrical to install your sauna already, drop another line next to it to power this by itself for ideal application. You won’t have any trouble later on.

** Note: you can overheat or literally fry things if you’re not paying attention. Like any bathroom heater or home heater, anything close by is fair game to get charred. Speakers in the ceiling, light fixtures, etc… will get too hot if you leave this on and forget about it. It does have a built in timer, but in Florida during summer, it’s 100 degrees out, and not much time is needed to heat anything up regularly, even shorter when you add these.

Building sauna heater mount in the gym to easily swap it from sauna to sauna for testing

Under Construction:

Cheap saunas when you can’t afford a large wooden one yet?

Sauna detox books

  • Hubbard
  • Root
  • Detoxify
  • Cellular
  • EMF rainbow

Still good books even though I don’t support forced chelation early in a healing journey. I’ve seen it time and time again screw people up.

Beliefs And Mindset

My favorite mindset books for health, healing, success, manifestation, and goal achievement.

From Matt: you might think I’m a quack by the end of this, but one of the most important things you can do for your health, the health of your mind, your success in life, and your overall state of wellbeing is learn new belief structures and become open to better mindsets.

What do I mean? Well I’ll give you an example: when I was in Leukemia treatment, there were people all around me getting the same or similar treatments as I. However, our results were very different some days. Why? Were they worse off than I was? Did my body take the treatments/poison (280ml arsenic, 5 days a week) “better” than the next guy or gal?

When this started, the team looked at me and said, “if you leave here today, you’ve got 6 weeks to live.”

If you know me at all, you know I was STILL resistant and thinking about leaving. If I hadn’t walked around for over a week with a blood clot in my lung, one in the leg, another superficial in the calf, and could fly overseas, I wouldn’t left. But I couldn’t fly in that condition, so I had to strap in to whatever was ahead of me. Little did I know the next 72 hours of a rare reaction to their treatment protocol drugs would almost take my life. I clawed my way back over the next two weeks, body went septic, peeing blood, stage 4 kidney failure, etc…

Why am I telling you this? Lord knows I don’t like talking about it really, I don’t like reliving it at all. Having your bones ache from the inside out as old bone marrow cells get turned over, is one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced. Full time pain pump sedation, can’t sleep, steroids to keep you going, etc.. Terrible. Don’t wish it on my enemies.

But what would come after, was also a very difficult road… until it became easy. That’s right, once you get your head wrapped around what must be done, you settle it, and you work at it until it becomes easy. I’m telling you this so you get the context for this: it became a privilege to go to the hospital 5 days a week off and on for 8 months. It became a challenge to work out a few hours after arsenic treatments. I was no longer stuck in a hospital bed, and could walk again.

My neuropathy in my feet and hands healed. I was no longer struggling to walk around the block with my feet feeling like they had glass in them. The 30 lbs I lost in a month was coming back. I was getting strong again. I got used to wearing a surgical port.

How does this help you? Well, all my coaches, books, meditations, support, and decisions made this possible. The single greatest catalyst to getting through that situation, was beliefs and mindset.

No matter what you’re going through, I can tell you firsthand the most important thing is what’s going on inside of you, not outside of you. Your internal state, coupled with your belief structure, sets the tone for what happens next. And you DO have influence and choice as to how that goes. It all starts with your decision. Decide. Decide you can be better. Decide you can heal. Decide that faith will find you a way. Decide that the resources you need are about to come into your life even though you see no evidence of them in this moment. Build that moment, construct it in your mind, see it happening, how do you want it to go, feel it, create it, be it. Rehearse.

I’m telling you from the depth of my soul and every ounce of spirit within me, no matter how bad you think your situation is, you have the ability to tap in and influence your path in a more positive direction than you think.

Get to the point you have shivers going up your spine, you feel electric knowing you’re connected to something greater than yourself, harness that for good, recognize your true potential on this earth, what you’re here for, how your life can be of service, how you can transmute this hardship into something great for others, no matter what it is. Y

our life has meaning, no matter what stage of it you’re in. You have the capacity to deliver your gifts. You have the capacity to heal. Are you open and willing to ask for it? Are you open to receiving it? Are you open to giving it?

Let’s go.

Here are some of the books and resources that helped me during this time:

  • manifestation journal
  • mindset coaching
  • scovel shinn, murphy, jussi
  • meditation tracks to access higher states
  • healing frequencies
  • CES devices
  • PTSD health anxiety help

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