Sauna Questions

The Matt Justice Sauna Detox Protocol: A Journey to Enhanced Health and Wellness

In the ever-expanding realm of wellness practices, detoxification protocols have gained significant traction. Among these, infrared sauna therapy shines as a highly effective method for promoting deep detoxification and holistic health benefits. Matt Justice, a leading expert in sauna technology and health optimization, has crafted a practical and powerful regimen known as the Matt Justice … Read more

Sauna Sessions: Before or after Your Workout?

Whether you’re an experienced gym bird or you’re slowly easing yourself into working out, you’re probably looking at adding sauna sessions to your routine, if you haven’t already. Several gyms offer sauna sessions, so it’s easier than ever before to simply pop into the steam room and sweat out those worries and toxins! But do … Read more

Sauna Etiquette: What You Should and Shouldn’t Wear

Whether you’ve just had an intense workout or want to brush off the soreness of a long day, a sauna session can feel like a slice of heaven! What may not feel so much like a slice of heaven for some of us, though, is being greeted, as you enter the sauna, by a fellow … Read more

Pre and Post-sauna Ice Baths: Benefits and Drawbacks

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of ‘contrast bath therapy’—it’s honestly kind of hard not to have, with all the paeans being sung for it! The belief is that exposure to extremely hot and cold temperatures, in succession, has a range of health benefits to the human body, such as better circulation, reduced … Read more

Massages: Better before or after the Sauna?

A massage, on its own, is the epitome of relaxation and the same goes for the sauna—so what happens if you pair these two together? Yup, the benefits (and the relaxing) double! By combining a massage with your sauna sesh, you get the best of both worlds, but does it work best when you get … Read more

Losing Weight in the Sauna: Is This Possible and to What Extent?

Though many praises are sung for saunas, one of the most long-ranging debates when it comes to sauna benefits is whether or not a sauna session can really burn them calories! From fitness enthusiasts to sauna lovers, the opinions have been divided, with an equal number of fans on both sides, but what does science … Read more

Is It Okay to Use Essential Oils in a Sauna?

Using a sauna can help provide relaxation while also refreshing you considerably because of the high heat that works on your body. There is, however, still another way in which you can make your sauna session even more beneficial. By using essential oils during your sauna session, you can safely and comfortably spend your time … Read more

How Long and How Often Should You Use a Sauna?

Saunas are highly beneficial when it comes to your health given the heat that they direct to your body and the internal and external changes that they can produce. There are various kinds of saunas, but how much time should you spend in a traditional sauna? No matter what kind of sauna you use, you … Read more

A Basic Guide: Turn Your Shower into a Sauna

Saunas provide such a satisfying experience that they should not be limited to an occasional experience at health spas or gyms. Imagine if you could have access to the experience whenever you wanted, right from the comfort of your home. You can take it a step further beyond your imagination because it is entirely possible … Read more