Sauna Questions

Is It Okay If I Don’t Sweat in the Sauna?

Sauna and sweat seem like two inseparable concepts, so it can be quite weird to emerge from a sauna session without being drenched from head to toe, as your fellow sauna bathers seem to be. Is this unthinkable? Is it cause for alarm? What should you do in such a case? Read on to know … Read more

Sauna Talk: Do Apartment Saunas Work?

Given how relaxing and beneficial saunas are, it’s no surprise that an increasing percentage of folks across the country are considering making saunas a part of their homes. Especially for frequent sauna bathers who like their privacy and not having to worry about possible hygiene issues, distractions, and interruptions in a commercial sauna sesh, investing … Read more

Should You Have Your Sauna Session in the Morning or at Night?

Using the sauna at the best possible time can help you feel the benefits more effectively. However, whether you have your sauna session in the morning or at night can depend on your routine as well as the kind of sauna that you have. For instance, if you have or go to a traditional sauna, … Read more

Taking Your Phone into the Sauna: Yay or Nay?

Many folks have said it, but we’ll say it again—it’s nearly impossible for many of us to not take our phones with us everywhere we go (answering Mother Nature’s call, included), forget living without them! And we get it—what if you miss that important work call or that all-important Insta notification chronicling your favorite influencer’s … Read more

What Is the Average Cost of Running a Sauna?

Setting up a sauna in your own house or in your yard can be a great way for you to easily access some rejuvenation without needing to spend time and money on traveling to one. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds, considering that you will need to account for how much … Read more

Is There a Sauna or Steam Room at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is a North American fitness company that franchises throughout the country and in some other parts of the world. There is a range of services on offer here, all of which are available at an affordable rate as part of the gym’s membership. But does this include a sauna or steam room? Planet … Read more

Does LA Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room or Hot Tub?

Started in 1984, LA Fitness has over 700 clubs across the US and Canada and is one of the best fitness gym chains in the U.S. The gym has state-of-the-art equipment, sporting courts, group classes and plenty of other amenities, not to mention that it is extremely affordable too. If you’re looking for ways to … Read more

Crunch Fitness: All You Need to Know About Their Saunas

If you’re someone who loves saunas, you’ll want to sign up in a gym that offers you these facilities—Crunch Fitness gives you this, and much more. If you’re looking for all-inclusive gym facilities, Crunch Fitness’s Signature membership program is a great option. Each outlet in the chain is clean, well-equipped, and well-maintained, with a ton … Read more

Are There Steam Rooms, Saunas, and Hot Tubs in 24 Hour Fitness?

If sauna/steam room sessions and hot-tub soaks are a regular feature in your wellness/fitness routine, it makes sense to look for a gym that can provide you with quality sauna facilities. One of the go-t0 gyms in the United States is 24 Hour Fitness, with many members appreciating its range of amenities, equipment, and qualified … Read more