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A lot of folks have been asking if the Radiant Health sauna reviews still stand in 2021, and is it the best far infrared sauna on the market this year still?

Short answer, yes it is. (I’ll add pictures and videos as soon as I get time. If you have questions, ask them in the comments at the bottom of this page)

There are a lot of great saunas on the market, and you should know I promote more than one brand of them for a health improvement tool. Some folks are looking for fancy technology inside, with iphone and ipad gadgets, rainbow LED lights, etc…

With Radiant Health Saunas, you’ll get none of that.

But what you do get, is a well built, very nice looking, super effective far infrared sauna that is guaranteed LOW EMF, LOW VOC, and is the best value on the market today.

Radiant Health Saunas don’t break, the sales staff is not pushy like a lot of sauna companies, and folks who buy them never want to get rid of them if that tells you anything.

Sure, sure… other sauna companies have all clever lines in the world when you call them to compare the sauna brands.

They’ll say things like:

  • Our saunas are the only infrared saunas with 99% emissivity, Radiant Health Saunas are inferior.
  • Our saunas are the only saunas on the market that have the right micron range for max detox benefits. Really? That’s interesting, because micron range changes with temperature… so mr sauna salesman, you’re telling me your sauna only operates at one temperature? mmmhmm
  • Oh Radiant Health Saunas have blocking cloth over the heaters that block the infrared. Heh, if this were true, then no one would sweat in an infrared sauna with towels in it… which pretty much every single person on the planet uses. The child safety guard doesn’t change infrared sauna penetration, unless you’re using a FLIR camera which is measuring surface temps, not Infrared Penetration.
  • Our saunas have lower EMF than the previous year, and have been updated. Oh really? Then how come no one is inside the sauna showing us magnetic fields, electric fields, and body voltage with the entire sauna running? Ah yes, we wouldn’t want to show them that no would we!

Should I keep going?

I’ve been doing this for quite a while, and there’s one very very important aspect you want to be careful of when comparing infrared saunas.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: most infrared sauna customer service and sales staff, has never tried the sauna brands you’re comparing.

Generally, they’ve been given a sauna from the company they work for, and have used one at the gym.

Let’s cut the shit for a second and be frank? How can a person who doesn’t have experience in several sauna brands, properly advise you on a several thousand dollar purchase decision?

….. long pause.

And this is where the rubber meets the road my friend.

It boils down to this: if you don’t see the person on live video, with pictures of themselves testing and using saunas, they’re probably blowing smoke up your ass and will do anything to make a sale.

To make matters worse, we have infrared sauna “review” sites that claim to rank and rate saunas. Only trouble is, they’ve never used a single one of them in their entire life, but will cling on every little thread of hope telling you why you should buy blah blah brand of sauna.

Ready for it?

And then there’s the Facebook groups, who appear to be non biased detox groups, when in fact they have an agenda to sell something.

The leaders of these cult like groups, will then go on to say they rely on their group members to police the sauna marketplace, and report back with emf ratings, user experiences, and sauna reviews.

Now let me ask you a very poignant question, because I almost fell into this too when I was researching saunas for months… but would never pull the trigger because it was so confusing and so much nonsense:

  • If I was a fb group member, and I bought my very first infrared sauna, my first emf meter ever, and measured my sauna when it arrived for the first time in my life ever testing a sauna, do you think I would be a reliable source to gauge comparison information from?

I’m being facetious in a way, but truth be told, most folks can’t emf test themselves out of a paper bag.

Nothing wrong with that, but again, it’s taking advantage of people to recommend they rely on some of the most amateur people in the world… again, to make a several thousand dollar purchase decision.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

The infrared sauna industry has flipped on it’s head, literally.

Other Influencer Radiant Health Sauna Reviews

You should know right away, that other online influencers, fitness gurus, and so on do not agree with my stance on these saunas.

They believe you should spend (waste?) your money on gimmicky things like full spectrum saunas, take over the conversation with wood types and micron ranges, and a bunch of other nonsense.

We’ve even got some borderline psychos that do/say some cray things about me:

…which includes:

  • making videos in their grandmothers basement, pulling up my websites and poking holes in my sauna reviews. No problem, I’m down for a good debate. Only problem is, I never see them in any saunas themselves
  • Sauna companies regularly say I’m a paid blogger, a shill, or whatever else. Unfortunately, most old school companies don’t understand web development/digital marketing (my background and job for the last decade), and completely miss the part where I had to have money to begin with in order to do this for myself. When I encountered my own health problems back in 2016-2017, my first instinct was “how do I make this tax deductible” when I saw how much this stuff $,$$$.$$ was going to cost. How I do that is kind of my own personal business, but let’s just say Uncle Sam lets you qualify for a whole lot of deductions if you start a side business and “attempt to turn a profit.”

Radiant Health Sauna Pros And Cons

There are a couple of cons to Radiant Health saunas.

I don’t get many complaints from actual users of the saunas, but I do get some feedback from potential customers that complain about the lack of financing options, etc…

Radiant Health is based in Canada, but also has an office in the States. They do not offer any in house financing options for US residents unfortunately.

The best thing I could recommend if that is an issue, is to apply for a zero percent credit card for the time beind.

Other than that, some folks complain about the saunas not having bluetooth. But most of us are trying to get the healthiest sauna possible, and the sauna companies that put smartphone app controllers in their saunas don’t test as well.

On the other hand, you could easily add an RCA to Bluetooth module from Amazon that’s plug and play if that’s important to you.

Other than that, everyone that buys one loves it, including myself.

No Full Spectrum

There is a lot of noise in the sauna space this year. So many companies are duping people with full spectrum infrared saunas, it’s not even funny.

We’ve got some who use a rod heater and suggest you’re getting near infrared from that. We’ve got another company, who puts LED’s behind a cloth grill next to the FIR heaters… which is a NO-NO.

Then to top it off, we have sauna salespeople who are flat out stealing the terminology I use to describe how saunas feel in my review videos.

Things like:

  • Far infrared is the real work-horse in any infrared sauna
  • Every sauna company says, “theirs is the best…”
  • There is no such thing as a Near Infrared Sauna

I don’t even know why I’m mentioning that. It’s just irritating to see an industry make it so complicated for a person buy one of these damn things. And the worst part is, you’ll never get the time back that’s wasted on trying to learn about them, figure out which one is right for you, make sure you’re not getting ripped off, etc…

Long story short, all you need is far infrared in your sauna.

If you want red light therapy, you need to buy a full body panel to use outside of the sauna.

Now make sure you know right up front, that the opposite is true also. A red light therapy panel (PBMT device), is not going to heat you up at all. This is why there is no such thing as a near infrared sauna… I can sit in front of near infrared for HOURS, and never break a sweat.

It doesn’t mean that red light therapy or near infrared isn’t useful… it definitely is! But just be sure you don’t fall for that gimmick.

For your sauna, you want far infrared in order to detox like intended. Everything else is just noise, including the chromotherapy.

The Best Sauna Wood Type

So many sauna companies use this as a selling point, and say that the wood type in your sauna has to be cedar or some other special variety in order to avoid mold or be hypoallergenic.

This is nonsense.

The Hemlock wood used in Radiant Health Saunas, is some of the most pleasant, nice looking, and durable wood I’ve come across in all the saunas I’ve been in.

It doesn’t have super strong smell like some of the Basswoods, nor does it ding super easily like Poplar. For context though, all of the saunas I’ve been in will ding/have semi soft lumber in my opinion.

But I also have carpentry experience, and come from a construction background. Meaning, none of the saunas are solid planked, Teak or Brazilian specialties that warrant any selling points.

And by the way, the folks that are telling you that you have to have cedar in order to avoid mold… should probably learn that these are dry saunas. There isn’t any moisture emitted inside the sauna, except for the sweat that comes out of your body. (hint: they don’t mold, just a cheap tactic to get people to buy in to cedar)

The Best Infrared Sauna Heater Type

The heater type is another selling point thrown back and forth. I have used, and currently own, both ceramic and carbon style infrared saunas.

They’re both different, and they both work.

The carbon is more gentle, even heat. While the ceramic is hyper directional, hotter surface heat focused in a small beam.

Either one will give you what you’re looking for, though most people prefer carbon because of the feel.

For me personally, I like the intensity of the ceramic heaters, but I’m often cold on the front… especially in saunas that don’t have multiple front heaters. So I tend to use carbon style more often.

On a related note, some companies say that a blended heater type, which contains both carbon and ceramic is best. This is bullshit. The carbon heaters are a layered construction, meaning some metallic ceramic dust is sprinkled in between the layers to create a combination infrared heater. This results in maybe a 5-8% difference in the heater itself, which I can’t even notice when I use then side by side.

Radiant Health Sauna Pricing & Shipping Lead Times

Radiant Health sauna pricing is estimated on the certified sauna list for the model ranges. It’s anywhere from $3k’ish to $5k’ish depending on if you’re looking at 1-2 person saunas, or 3-4 person models, including the excellent looking corner saunas. (currently my fav because they fit in the room so nicely)

But you’ll want to call and get an out the door quote including shipping to make sure there aren’t any charges for where you live. (example: if you’re in Alaska, it’s more expensive to ship)

Covid has really messed up shipping times and distribution for a lot of sauna companies. Radiant Health is not immune to that either, so you will have to call to get current lead times on delivery dates.

I know you might hate calling, or even worse, think they’re going to put you on some mailing list and hound the crap out of you.

I promise you, they do not do that. It’s one of the reasons I bought one in the first place, after another company wouldn’t stop calling me… every. single. damn. day. SO annoying. These guys are the opposite, and are awesome to deal with.

Would I Still Choose A Radiant Health Sauna Again?

It’s funny, just yesterday I was considering ordering a sauna for my mother’s house as a gift for her. She’s getting a bit older, and I thought it would be a good idea to start having her do regular weekly sauna sessions for a couple of her health conditions, but the last time I mentioned it she said she didn’t have the space.

I noticed an open corner of her bedroom, where I could easily sneak in a 1 person sauna… and it would compliment the room nicely.

Immediately the first thought that came to mind was to order an E1-H, which is a Radiant Health 1 Person Infrared Sauna that has a small 36″ x 36″ rough footprint, and looks awesome as a complimentary piece of furniture.

I didn’t really even consider anything else, and it was my first choice without even thinking about it.

The proof is in the pudding on this one… I would order another one for myself in a heartbeat, but also choose this for my friends and family as well. That says a lot, to me anyway.

For my mom, I want something simple to use, easy to put together, won’t break, looks elegant so it looks good in her room, and most of all super effective/safe FIR for improving her health… I never have to worry about VOC’s, EMF’s, etc…

The last thing I would ever want to do, is give her something that’s detrimental to her health… when it’s supposed to be a health IMPROVEMENT device.

RHS is my sauna of choice.

11 thoughts on “Radiant Health Infrared Sauna Updated Review”

  1. I am trying yo purchase a sauna, I did order one on way fair but the ship time is 5 weeks. Which feels like forever spending do !such. I then saw your reviews. I had Bern considering a different company that is located in CA but still to far for !e yo visit and o do not have an emf meter. I am sensitive to electric noise I can hear it in my wires m I’m pretty sure I’m bombarded by near by pool equipment running 3 house down. I can never escape the noise of these electric !Motors. I real I sleep near a whole wall of wiring as well n a smart meter. Yet these foes seem to be producing the annoying e er presence hum in the area.

    Any way I was hoping you have an answer yo this other company saunas they use cedar n called “spiritual salt cave spas. The come with30 !be of salt honestly I could care less bout the salt I could buy that later. If I order from them them the simular model size is an extra 500$ vs the way fair one.

    Have you tested this brand ” spiritual saunas “. I called the co for a discount on shipping I was put off by the male sales person who didn’t seem to have any wiggle room thou I would have been buying NOW. The few min of talking to him made me feel like I was talking to a car dealer who was going to charge me more than they would a msn, since they assume a women doesn’t know what she’s buying.

    If they are a legit low end sauna ill order from them.

    The benefit of a co like wayfair or homedepot is if the item is bs or missing parts smells etc they WILL refund me. Unlike a co like this that is already saying shipping n tax costs an extra 500$ ): n probably next to impossible to return if anything goes wrong. I watched their two YouTube videos. N the sales man a beer belly guy fit the description of salesmen u speak of that don’t have or use a sauna. They clearly don’t look healthy or seem to have Xeroxed after years of use.

    I appreciate any info you may have on this co. I really want a sauna below 2000$ that’s not a tent \: if I could I’d covert a shower in my house into one.

    • Hi Victoria,

      I’m having a hard time reading this. Based on what you’re saying, don’t buy any of those. Your best bet is the Radiant Health brand specifically, it has the lowest body voltage of any sauna on the market.

      But it’s not under $2,000 dollars, maybe the DIY would be a good fit for you, not 100% sure.

    • Yes sorry, I could only understand some of what you wrote. The brand on this page you’re commenting on is the best in the industry. You can find the phone number on the homepage here: https://certifiedsaunas.com you can’t buy it anywhere but direct. (you mentioned home depot or something before… not the same)

  2. Just seen a video you did of the radiant corner sauna. Trying to find prices on the radiant sauna. Are they the same if you by from another website? Or is it best to by from website ? I just wish they can show the saunas. I only see description.

  3. Matt, thinkinking of Sunlighten saunas. Mpulse vs the Signature- looking for 4 person corner style. How high is their EMF compared to each other and against Radiant Health E4HC or the Clearlight Premier or Sanctuary 4 person corner IR saunas?

  4. Hey Matt, I ordered the E-2H based on your recommendation last Christmas and I knew there was an 8 week delivery delay at the time of placing my order. But 8 weeks has turned into almost 6 months and still no sauna, do you know if I’m just unlucky, or if their inventory is really backed up over half a year? Thanks Matt, I still watch your videos for other detoxing tips and incase I have to cancel that order and order a different brand, I want to know if you are recommending another sauna to replace my E-2H order.

    • Hi Gabriel,

      No unfortunately that’s about right for the covid delay. I think it’s still about 5 months, but that’s most of the sauna companies right now across the board except for a few models here and there of overstock they might have.

      I still don’t have my new order either, I’m in the same boat… but it should be coming shortly.

      Normally they are very fast. The last one I ordered was here in just a couple weeks.

    • Hi Gabriel
      Did you ever receive your sauna from Radiant Health ? Just curious, I bought one yesterday and they are expecting a 6 month delay .

      • Hi Tanya – I ordered in mid-February and just got mine today! I feel bad for them, but there is nothing they can do. They said it’s not a supply and demand issue, rather, it is taking a very long time to clear customs due to Covid. Once my Radiant Health Sauna was in the US, it came to me very quickly (within a week).


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