Sauna Comparisons

Sunlighten VS Clearlight

Here we are several years later, and customers are still asking about Sunlighten compared to Clearlight saunas. Which is better, is what everyone wants to know. Not so fast. The real answer is, it depends on what’s most important to you in a sauna. Sunlighten is known for amazing cabinet quality, however their EMF levels … Read more

4 Person Infrared Sauna Models

If you’re like most people looking for a home sauna, you probably are super confused by all the marketing gimmicks from sauna companies and sauna sellers. When I was looking for my first infrared sauna, it was a nightmare. Everyone said buy this or that, but they weren’t really taking into account the important aspects … Read more

Radiant Health VS Clearlight

Which infrared sauna is better, Radiant Health or Clearlight? This seems to be the talk of the town tonight, and so many people have questions about these two sauna brands. I can tell by some of them, that pieces of doubt have been placed in their minds, by sauna salespeople who have never used both … Read more