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Which infrared sauna is better, Radiant Health or Clearlight?

This seems to be the talk of the town tonight, and so many people have questions about these two sauna brands.

I can tell by some of them, that pieces of doubt have been placed in their minds, by sauna salespeople who have never used both sauna brands themselves.

But they try to be slick, and name some uber crazy feature or sauna part that one has and the other doesn’t, one performs like so and so, the other does not, and on and on to infinity…. You guys know the drill, you’ve heard it all before.

So what’s the truth then? Which sauna company makes a better sauna, Clearlight or Radiant Health?

The answer is, both are good, and I would use either one. (this is Matt speaking, not the editing team)

Based on my EMF testing, both test well. Both have low VOC environments, and both have great build quality.

Radiant Health is a bit cheaper than Clearlight (maybe even a LOT cheaper now? Clearlight has been known to raise prices suddenly), but other than that, they are within range of each other price wise. (so long as you are comparing the Premier and not the Sanctuary)

The Sanctuary line is in a higher price range altogether, and really isn’t an apples to apples comparison like the Premier and E2H Elite.

But since I don’t promote spending extra dollars on full spectrum, far infrared will give you all the benefits you need, that would be a different comparison altogether for the other product line.

Bottom line: both saunas are great. I would feel confident putting my friends and family in either brand.

For context, I personally use a Radiant Health sauna in my bedroom in my own house, and at my grandmothers cabin in Maine.

If I were going to buy another sauna for myself or my mother/family member or friend, it would be a Radiant Health sauna.

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