Infrared Sauna Blanket Benefits (and Disadvantages)

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We all know that a sauna therapy session can leave you feeling utterly calm, relaxed and refreshed, especially after a long tiring day. If you love the idea of having a sauna at home, but don’t have the money or space to invest in setting up one, don’t worry. Today, you have a more affordable alternative to a full-size infrared sauna.

Meet the sauna blanket! And, although sauna blankets are not exactly the same as a sauna cabin, they offer several of the same health benefits and can be an excellent replacement for a traditional sauna.

What Is an Infrared Sauna Blanket?

Also called an infrared blanket, sauna blankets are thermal far infrared ray sauna body wraps that are commonly used in spas, wellness clinics and physical therapy centers. Infrared sauna blankets are an extremely convenient option for people who love the sauna experience but don’t have space or budget to build a full-sized sauna in their homes.


Infrared sauna blankets are designed to be used while lying on your bed or the floor. The blanket has a power cord that you can connect to a common power outlet and it has a controller that allows you to adjust the intensity of the heat and set the timer. Infrared sauna blankets make use of far infrared technology to produce heat that penetrates your body deeply and is absorbed by the tissues.


Infrared sauna blankets are also excellent for patients recovering from several medical conditions. They are very practical and easy to use anywhere and anytime at all and in recent years, infrared sauna blankets have become one of the most popular, in-demand products on the market.


Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna Blanket

Not only can using an infrared sauna blanket help to soothe sore muscles, one of the main benefits of using this is that it helps to boost blood circulation. The infrared heat produced by the sauna blanket causes your body to sweat, which helps to release all the toxins, heavy metals and toxic chemicals and detoxify. This also helps to boost the functioning of the immune system and improves metabolism, which in turn, helps in weight loss.


Some of the other health benefits of infrared sauna blankets include:

  • Reducing blood pressure.
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  • Relief from headaches and migraines.
  • Reducing inflammation.
  • Easing muscle and joint swelling and pain.
  • Enhancing mood.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Infrared Sauna Blankets


  • The biggest advantage of an infrared sauna blanket is its size. You can use it practically anywhere at all, on your bed, couch, chair or even on the floor. And, when you’re not using the blanket, you can simply fold it up and tuck it under your bed or store it in your closet.
  • The infrared sauna blanket is extremely lightweight and portable, which makes it extremely easy to take it along wherever you go.
  • An infrared sauna blanket does not require any installation. Using it is extremely simple. All you need to do is unbox it, plug it into an electrical outlet and start using it.
  • Infrared sauna blankets are perfect, especially if you live in a small house or apartment and don’t have sufficient space to install a full-fledged infrared sauna. The blanket allows you to enjoy the same sauna experience in the comfort of your bed, couch or floor.
  • Infrared sauna blankets are extremely affordable, which makes them a cost-effective and inexpensive option for people who don’t have the budget to install an infrared sauna in their homes.



  • While infrared sauna blankets are quite safe to use and do not have any side effects, you must take care not to overuse the blanket to avoid the risk of dehydration or burns. Check the condition of the sauna blanket before using it and also set the temperature to a safe level. Make sure that you are well hydrated and drink a lot of water before and after the sessions to prevent dehydration.
  • An infrared sauna blanket with high EMF can be dangerous to health. So, take care to select a low-EMF model.
  • Infrared sauna blankets wrap around you and can make you feel trapped and claustrophobic.
  • You won’t get the complete sauna experience with an infrared sauna blanket and the potential can be rather limited.


In conclusion, if the availability of space and budget constraints are the main factors that are preventing you from getting a full-fledged infrared sauna for your home, then an infrared sauna blanket is an excellent, pocket-friendly option. So, now you can keep yourself warm and at the same time relax and enjoy the health benefits of your infrared sauna blanket while saving money.

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