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Matt Justice

So many have asked where to get the best Radiant Health Saunas price?  There aren’t any outside dealers for Radiant Health Saunas, and the best pricing will always come direct from the HQ.

If you’ve seen any of the “Matt Justice” Radiant Health Sauna reviews, you’ve probably also seen his coupon code.

This is still valid in 2024, and is the best discounted price you will find anywhere.  Updated discount codes below:

Radiant Health Sauna Price Ranges

Depending on where you live, there may be added shipping for your Radiant Health Sauna order. Normally not much, but for example if you live in Alaska, and it’s an extra 9 hour semi truck drive to deliver your sauna, then the cost won’t be the same that Matt pays for a delivery in Orlando, FL for instance.

You need to call for an exact price quote to your city. Relax, they won’t hound you like other sauna companies. They’re the easiest and nicest folks to work with in the industry, guaranteed.


2024 Radiant Health Sauna models back in stock with fast delivery times are as follows:

Radiant Health E-1H 1 person infrared sauna: 45-60 day delivery (1-2 months)
Radiant Health E-2H 2 person infrared sauna: 45-60 day delivery (1-2 months)
Radiant Health E-2.5H 2 person infrared sauna: 45-60 day delivery (1-2 months)
Radiant Health E-3H 3 person infrared sauna: 14 day delivery (2 weeks)
Radiant Health E-4H 4 person infrared sauna: 45-60 day delivery (1-a2 months)
Radiant Health EC-3H 2 person corner infrared sauna: 1 month delivery time
Radiant Health EC-4H 3 person corner infrared sauna: 1 month delivery time

Use Discount Code “matt-justice-500” for $500 off the sauna of your choice
Direct phone number: 1-888-291-6544

Installation video:

Review video:

How Much Does A Radiant Health Sauna Cost?

Radiant Health Saunas run anywhere from $4k, up to over $6,000 for a large family sized 4+ person sauna. (please don’t kill me if these prices change after lockdown) The Certified Sauna List has other details like EMF, VOC, reviews, etc…

The one person infrared saunas, two person 15 amp, and corner saunas you see in Matt’s reviews primarily are all on the lower end of the pricing range.

Popular Models:

Radiant Health Sauna Discount Code

Use the below discount code for $500 off your Radiant Health Sauna purchase.

Discount code: “matt-justice-500”

Direct phone number:  1-888-291-6544

Where To Buy Your Radiant Health Sauna?

Only buy from the official website. The “Radiant Saunas” for sale on Amazon, Wayfair, etc… are knock-off brands. Radiant Saunas, is not the same thing as “Radiant Health Saunas.” Don’t be fooled by slick pictures and cheap prices. The knock-off saunas may have formaldehyde in them like this one Matt tested.

Where to buy: www.radianthealthsaunas.com

About Matt Justice

Read Matt Justice sauna reviews, health story, and more here on CertifiedSaunas.com - You can find the recommended sauna detox binders here on Amazon and here on YouTube.

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  1. Matt radiant health is experiencing a slower delivery dates than normal since quarantine. Do you think it’s worth the wait?

    • Around $3,000,000 with the Matt Justice discount including shipping. I ordered mine on January 7, 2021 and just received my shipment on July 29, 2021. Therefore, there has been a delay which is probably Covid related. However, well worth the wait. Very easy to assemble. Good quality. Very effective.


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